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Postcards from home: Summer workshop in Tsepelovo_ 1st edition


Asfa Photo Courses 'makes home' for a week the Athens School of Fine Arts annex in Tsepelovo in Zagorohoria villages in Epirus, Greece with “Postcards from home” 1st edition summer workshop.

In “Postcards from home” summer workshop participants are invited to explore the concept of home in relation to their personal choices: the comeback to the family home, to the home village, migration, the familiar and the unfamiliar place, nature as home and more.

The concept of home provides a framework for a wide variety of photographic approaches.

Postcards from home is an art community project that brings people together to reflect and create on the idea of HOME.

Who is it for

The workshop is aimed at photographers who wish to combine the creative process with their stay in Tsepelovo and whatever that involves: walking in nature, getting acquainted with the place and its inhabitants, participating in the 3-day traditional authentic ‘panigiri’ (feast).


Meetings with the workshop leaders will start at 12 pm and will last till 17.00 pm so that participants have enough time on the creative process.

In our meetings we will discuss issues that arise both from the theoretical and technical fields. Interdisciplinary approaches are especially encouraged.

The team led by the workshop leaders Lia Nalbantidou & Photini Papahatzi will work with each participant individually and all together as well.

Collaboration in small groups of 4 to 7 people will provide the opportunity for critique in depth and for continuous interaction between teachers and learners.


Dates: 12 -17 August 2017

Workshop space: Athens School of Fine Arts annex ,Tsepelovo, Zagori mountains, Epirus, Greece .

Starting date: Saturday 12th of August

Total hours: 25

Each meeting will last 5 teaching hours.

Days and hours: daily 12am - 5.30pm – Short Break at 2pm.

Accomodation: Accommodation is at the Athens School of Fine Arts annex in Tsepelovo in Zagorohoria villages in Epirus, Greece. The annex may accommodate 13 people in its 3 double rooms, 1 triple room and 1 quadruple room and 4 bathrooms. It also has a kitchen and dining room which participants may use for their meals, should they wish to do so.


Interested applicants may submit by filling out the following e-application form along with a short statement of intentions - expectations or past experience if you have (up to 250 words). and a porfolio of 15 - 20 photos (in a zip or rar file).

Number of participants: 8 - 12

SUBMISSION DATES: 18th June - 8th July

Announcement of Selection Results: July 10th

Selected participants will be notified by email by July 17, 2017 and will receive by email material on the concept of home in order to prepare them before arriving in the village of Tsepelovo. In case of a selection, registration is considered complete when the full amount has been paid within one week of the interested parties acceptance of participation.


Certificates of Participation will be issued at the end of the workshop.


The participation cost is 390 €.

The amount includes the cost of accommodation (5 nights) at the Athens School of Fine Arts annex in Tsepelovo .

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